5 Tips To Beat That 3 pm Drowsiness At Office

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Oh cum’mon, we all have experienced that post lunch drowsiness. Your eyes are heavy with sleep, you are unable to focus, and that contagious yawning spreads from one fellow worker to other. But you cannot take a nap! Arghh…Still you need to pull through several more hours.

How is that possible? You need power friend, you need to energize yourself. These tips will help you get back your enthusiasm to work.

Grab some coffee and tea

This is the best quick fix. Step out of your office or walk in to the machine to grab some tea or coffee. The caffeine will instantly start working on your senses, and provide you the much needed energy to combat that 3 pm drowsiness at office.

Step out of your desk

A break is much needed at least after an hour or two post lunch. So go outside and get some air. Take a stroll in the break, talk with your colleagues, do some stretching, make a call or do anything to freshen up your mind.

Splash water on your face

Oh yeah! Take a restroom break. Wash your face, do up your hair (especially girls love this break to get back their morning look!). Pep up yourself in the afternoon. When you look fresh and vibrant, you feel energetic.

Do the unimportant

You can spare 10 minutes to power yourself. When you distract your mind from the tedious task for some time, it helps you to regain focus. Check your social updates, emails, play games, surf the net, and get into some fun and humours gossip to break the monotony.

Keep yourself sufficiently hydrated

Feeling overly sleepy every day could be a symptom of dehydration, so make sure you are consuming plenty of water throughout the day. Keep a bottle at your desk, pack some juice, energy drinks or green tea; all these drinks help retain the electrolyte balance of your body, thereby providing you the much needed mental stamina to survive the work pressure at office.

Try these tricks; I am sure they will help. Don’t stick to your work or browse through the excel files when you are heavily drowsy, a break is much needed at such times. Power to you!

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P.S.  If you have the privilege of taking a nap, then never miss the opportunity! It’s the best solution. Wake up fresh and start working with a bang.