6 Ways To Deal With Highly Selfish People

by admin

img source: newhealthguide.org

Let’s accept the fact that we all are selfish to a certain extent. As long as you are aware of it and your attitude doesn’t bother others, it’s absolutely okay to think about self.

However not everyone is same. You may have had a relationship where the other person has never regarded your feelings and has torn you apart with his/her extremely insensitive behaviour. They are better recognized as narcissists.

So how do you deal with that highly selfish lot? These tips will help you.

Expect nothing from them. Accept that they are like that

Expecting help? Expecting them to give you company when you need? Expecting them to listen to you when you speak? Stop doing that if you want to retain your mental peace and happiness. They are unfazed to others emotions, but are concerned only about self.

Stop giving them too much attention

Selfish people are big time attention seekers. So play the trick now. Do not give them uncalled-for attention, do not fulfil their selfish needs. Sooner or later he or she will feel being zoned out. Self realization might make them more humane in due course of time. Fingers crossed.

Spend less time in their company

Yeah, you know that person is selfish and you do not like him/her. So, why wasting your precious time in their company? Move on…Spend more time with friends and people you are comfortable with.

Do not fall for their manipulative talks. Ignore

There’re some who are not only selfish but are manipulative as well. They can play any trick like emotional blackmails etc. to get their job done. Do not get victimized. Let them be as they are, you have to ignore, deny and mind your own business.

Retain your mental composure

Stressing back to the first point, on expecting nothing, is the only way to restore your mental composure. If he or she is one of your loved ones, then it might be difficult for you to ignore royally. However, you have to stay calm and not get annoyed by their provocative talking and behaviour. Gradually, you will learn to ignore.

Talk to them, they might need help

With time and circumstance people change. The person whom you consider the most selfish in the world, may have a bitter past, which has made him emotionless and self-centered. So avoid conflicts and argument. Instead, you can try to talk it out. Ask him, “Why do you think always of self?”, “Do you know that other people need you too?”, “How can you disregard other people’s sentiments so much?”, “Is there anything bothering you?”…

Such sensitive talks often encourage self introspection which might evaporate the selfishness and give away place to kindness, care, love and generosity. So give him/her a chance to be a better human being.

Selfishness and narcissism are both psychological conditions that make people unlikeable to others. So, do not allow them to hurt your sentiments, instead follow the aforementioned ways to deal with them.