Beware: 5 Blunders That Could Cost You Your Job

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Warren Buffet has said, “It takes twenty minutes to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about it, you will do things differently.”

Finding a job is a dream come true. That is usually the right mix of education, experience, skill and good luck. But protecting it and growing in it is totally your skillset.

Progress in an organization is directly linked to your performance and behaviour. Similarly keeping a job or losing it is a major factor of your behaviour and performance. While it is not possible to control external factors like recession or civil wars, you can take care of things which are in your hold and ensure that the job you are in remains safe and keep your dignity intact.

Here are a few blunders you should never make that could cost you your job…

  1. Always being late

Punctuality speaks volumes about your personality. Not being punctual speaks too, and loudly. Being late to work always, not attending meetings on time, not submitting your reports etc. on time, not meeting your deadlines consistently are very sound reasons for your team and your corporate to write you off. Not respecting yours as well as others’ time could cost you your reputation as well as your job.

I remember when I was working that despite delivering good numbers, we had graded down an employee simply because he was never ready at a deadline. He would never submit his monthly report on time and would always reach office half an hour later than the arrival time. During his appraisal, his decorum mattered as much as his numbers, maybe even a little more.

  1. Using office hours for personal tasks

It is possible occasionally that there could be some personal requirement that could crop up during official hours that you could definitely attend to, but then this should not be a practice. Everything like personal talks, chats, checking personal mails, social media websites etc. do account for personal time. Many organizations track the websites you visit.

In my earlier organization, the personal mail ids and social media were firewalled and were hence inaccessible.

Hence it is very important to be vary of what you do in office and how you behave.

  1. Gossiping and speaking ill of the management

When in Rome be as the Romans. When you work for an organization then its vision, mission and the culture will also be yours. On having any issues with the policies of the organization it is best to speak to your superior or to HR if it is really of import.

One must be assured that the management is usually with the policies and vision of the organization and will not change it for a certain employee, hence complaining about any policy should be after a lot of consideration.

Gossiping to fellow employees, complaining about the organization to outsiders, complaining on social media etc definitely goes against the image of the organization and the person responsible will definitely be thrown out of the organization.

4. Pilferage

Pilferage tantamounts to theft. Using office things for personal use is not happening. Taking pens, staplers, papers, etc. home may seem harmless or trivial, but it is a valid enough reason to be asked to leave the organization.

Similarly submitting fake medical bills, pushing up conveyance bills, fudging petrol bills etc. are also offensive enough to cost you your job.

Where I was working, a senior manager was caught with fake bills. The amount was not more than a thousand, but he was asked to leave. It was not the amount, but the policy of the company. No company would like to have an employee who is deceitful.

5. Lewd and obscene conduct

It is very important to conduct oneself with utmost dignity and with grace at workplace. You could get friendly with colleagues and could have harmless and jovial conversation. But the moment they turn into a slightest tint of obscenity, it is a red light for you. No company tolerates such behaviour.

The moment any complaint is made towards making wrongful gestures by word or deed, the onus is on you to prove that you are innocent. Hence you must take be extremely careful while messaging, speaking or behaving.

Undignified conduct will surely lead to loss of job. Most organizations are very strict about laws that protect dignity of the co-worker. Any advances, especially towards fellow female workers would be equivalent to digging your own grave.

Nelson Mandela has said, “Once a person is determined, there is nothing that can stop them.” If you are determined to climb the ladder of success at work, ensure that no matter what, you never make the blunders discussed above.


Sandhya Parameshwaran

Author – SuccessYeti