From Childhood To Adulthood – Combating Pressure after Class 12th Boards

by admin

Five years, I was back at this juncture, to be precise I very well recollect that date it was 8th June 2011, I was sitting with my ma, sipping my coffee and suddenly I heard  phone ringing in the other corner of my house. I somehow knew it is my school friend Anshul, just then on grabbing the phone, without even greeting me, he said “Quickly check your results for NMAT 2011”.  I was perplexed after seeing my results because I wasn’t too keen for it but I found my stars blessed because the result was too good and was a saviour from family expectations and topic of discussion amongst relatives. You won’t believe but the time soon after your class 12 results are out is really strenuous. Most of us are just stepping into adulthood where we are taking some really important decisions that mould our career paths. This is time when many of our relatives or closed ones start reckoning and surmising about our career projection. Wow, finally I am a post graduate! Now all that guidance was in vain and those people who were my academic counsellors are my evangelizers. I get to hear remarks like, what an exceptional child! Once I got an admission that long wait after 12th for going into the best college finally it came to an end. But every happy ending has a long and toilsome struggle. I think we have all come across these statements during our times, “Mr. Chopra ke bete (son) ke 97.6% aye 12 mein”, “The cut-off for Miranda house for B.A Eco (Hons) is 97.5% for 2016 batch”, and “I have filled for SRM, VIT, Manipal, Amity and BITS”. These statements which are too factual and in fact symbolic that life is not a bed of roses.  If I remember my mom telling that when she was at my age she hardly knew any engineer in her neighbourhood or relatives. Those days were the best day when getting a distinction in class 12 was a big deal. Times change, People change, Environment change. There have been enough decades that crossed between my parents and me. In current scenario it is necessary to be the part of that rat race for the sake of survival, but people around don’t realise we are still kids who were sometime back into their sweet sixteen. The environment around us keeps on enforcing lot of things but at this point of time we should have a proper balance of mind, body and health. Having a sound body is the need of the hour; this can be done through following some of tips that I like to recommend from my experience.

People are generally confused or most of times don’t realize that college and life after that is of an adult and not of a child. I believe do what you like the most to spent time on: It could be anything like gardening or perhaps swimming or playing scrabble with your friends and family.  This allows orienting yourself from a lot of chaos around you like the comparisons or certain benchmarks that you need to achieve to be acceptable. Instead of getting webbed into all this one can actually do a lot productive like penning down your experiences because it really helps you both personally that is to learn from those mistakes and you can always revisit them and from an academic point of view it helps not only ameliorate your language skills but also your speech skills because my mentor always used to say write shit but do write until it becomes a heap. I very firmly believe one needs that ‘my time’ after heavy board exams and other pressures. The best way to relax is to try out activities like swimming, ice skating or yoga because it gives a lot of peace of mind and also eases your body in these hot summers. Vacation mode shouldn’t lie for too long that you end up doing nothing because college is again a much bigger responsibility endowed upon us where one has to manage his CGPA scores, projects , internals , daily assignments, internships never mind but a lot to say.

I have come across a lot of people who prefer watching TV series in these vacations, which adds no value but is just a source of entertainment. Not watching Game of Thrones is a crime perhaps for most of friend circles. To avoid being too opinionated, my thoughts aren’t against anything but I believe that spending time on something that brings value makes sense. If you have interest even in dramatics or being on the other side of TV, one can spend time watching short films or go to theatres to see live plays or broadways. Sometimes it is better to be prepared before entering college one can learn some computer programming course like python or Linux; to try out something interesting you can join some workshops like robotics, fashion photography and styling, personality development workshop, design thinking workshop, drone making workshop etc. This is also a correct time to nurture and develop your pre acquired skills such as singing, judo, dancing or sketching, it can be done either through practising that art or training others. We always look forward to serve our country but could never do because always look for such opportunities, we don’t realize that we have so many opportunities in our areas around it could be working as a young member at RWA’s of societies or it can be  working with an NGO.  My English teacher always advised reading when at leisure but most of us too restless so one can learn by listening to audio books or viewing video presentations or clips. I believe one should just develop interest into any genres, be it Indian cinema, entrepreneurship, medieval history, Indian economy, global events, ethical hacking or autobiographies, then one just narrow down more and start digging more and exploring for it. This will also enhance our reading skills and also increase our knowledge about a subject. Being a fitness freak is also a good option, walking daily or participating on play streets on a weekend. A lot of my friends engage themselves in a lot of physical activities such as skipping, jogging, aerobics and Judo which really strengthens bones & muscles, also improves mental health and mood of the person. This bottom line is the health benefits of physical activities are far more than any of its risks. Some people I have come across are wanderers or travellers who love roaming and going to different places around the world. Travelling is something I love to do because there is so much splendid to explore from scenic beauty, people, culture, heritage, physical features, and markets to its history and ancient art. For me,’ to travel is to live’. The period after 12th really requires a lot of motivation, since this is a crucial time one can listen to a lot of Ted talks and Josh seminars. These seminars are really a great source of inspiration and always keep you in the arms of positivity. Remember, all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.

Someone has rightly said that “Time and Tide wait for none”, we don’t identify these facts but the childhood goes with a snap of a finger and we don’t even realize. I certainly feel that making this time fruitful and memorable makes more sense rather than getting low or suppressed by results and discussions amongst your friends and family.

Author: Gautam Chadha