Hate Maths? Here Are Some Cool Techniques To Solve Problems

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I wonder why Maths is universally most hated by students. Second at best to exams!  My guess is when we are presented with a situation which is devoid of fun, monotonous and mentally challenging, children tend to avoid it. Also maths has an inherent problem, the solution is either right or wrong, there’s no midway. It can get uncomfortable when we are afraid to make mistakes.

As someone rightly pointed out, it is hard to recognise the beauty of mathematics unless someone shows you.

But believe me, once you understand the fun and logical way of doing maths you just can’t stop yourself falling in love with it.

  1. Start early the fun way

Parents play an important role to inculcate the love of Maths in the kid. Always start early and help them learn math in the fun way. Show how maths can be used in daily life and augment their skill sets with practical problems.

  1. Logical conclusion

It is important to understand that every maths problem has a logical solution. Do not attempt to mug up the answers. It defeats the very purpose of math education. There is a reason why 4 x 3 = 12.

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The same is the case with every maths problem. Do not give up unless you understand the logic of the calculation.

  1. Use maths manipulatives

Maths is no longer reduced to solving problems on paper. We can explain maths with manipulatives / teaching tools. There are a lot of maths manipulatives available in the market like Base Ten models, Fraction bars, Attribute blocks; which not only involve the kids but helps them absorb the concepts faster.

  1. Practice workbooks

If we need the finesse on any maths topic, we need to solve as many problems as possible. There are many math workbooks which help us to grasp the concept well. Involve them in the daily study pattern.

  1. Mental maths

Mental maths is also becoming an allied sub course to maths. Students are encouraged to practise mental maths to boost up their calculation skills. Many courses such as Abacus help the kids to achieve that.

  1. Using tricks and short cuts

Once you comprehend the basic understanding of the problems, you will find many math tricks to sharpen your skill sets. Students studying for Competitive exams are vastly benefitted by the use of such math tricks.

Vedic mathematics, originated from India help the students especially of higher grades to arrive at solutions faster.

  1. Other allied techniques

Singapore Math is becoming vastly popular around the world due to their approach towards understanding and solving maths problems. In the Trends in International Mathematics and Science study (TIMSS) , Singapore students are always the top contenders for the post. Adopt the practice which will help young students love Maths.

  1. Math apps and Educational CDs

In the age of Internet, kids are easily attracted to games and apps. We could use them to advantage in helping the kids learn and love Maths. Grade wise educational CDs are now available for not only Maths but other subjects like Science which instil the age appropriate knowledge to kids.

  1. Olympiads

Olympiad examinations are a different testing tool for each grade. They deviate from the conventional approach of learning Maths and test the inherent knowledge. Encourage the kids to participate in the Olympiad examinations. They will learn another angle in their Maths skills.

  1. Tread a different path

A different approach to learning maths can attract the kids to Maths, making it more fun and enjoyable. Lots of Maths teasers, crossword, puzzles and games like Sudoko ,Kakuro etc are available to make Maths enjoyable to students.

Maths is a fun puzzle to solve, enjoy them. “Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms: it is about understanding” – William Paul Thurston.


Sheeba Lekhak

Author: SuccessYeti