How You Can Develop Your Will Power

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Let’s begin with understanding what will power is…If you have the ability to control your mind and restrain yourself from things that could possibly harm you, then you are a person with great will power. It’s nothing but your mental strength that gets manifested with your daily habits and actions.

People who consider themselves as weak and indecisive can also develop their will power. And for this one needs immense practice of self discipline and courage to pursue what he/she wants. Let’s explore some more ways that would help you develop your will power and make you a strong individual.

Learn to control your thoughts

Easier said than done? But remember nothing is impossible. Learning how to control your thoughts is a daily ritual and not an overnight affair and my friend, you need a lot of practise.

A man loses his focus when he pays too much attention to things that are unimportant and futile. You can overcome this weakness and regain your will power in the following ways:

Be conscious of what you are thinking. Do not allow negative thoughts and self doubts to eat away your inner strength. At the same time, develop your intuition to anticipate things in a realistic way. This would help you deal with any unforeseen outcome more rationally than emotionally.

“We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far”. – Swami Vivekananda

Start meditating. Every great soul in the history has found great deal of mental strength via meditation. It helps you to be more self aware, attain peace of mind and strengthen your focus.

Be patient, be brave

Courage and patience are those deadly weapons of the mind that you can utilize for achieving anything you want for the benefit of self as well as mankind at the large.

So learn to use them… Be patient when you fail and be brave enough to rise and pursue.

Act more, talk less

When you talk too much, you lose all your productive energy and start doing things that are not in your priority. Eventually, when you fail to have control over your tongue, your will power and motivation also dissuade.

Thus, going back to the first point, begin by doing productive thinking and then transforming them into actions without much verbal display.


If you want to quit smoking, do it; don’t just say.

If you want to learn guitar, go for it; don’t just wish.

Discipline yourself

Apart from disciplining your mind, you need to discipline your physical being as well. It’s a fact that will power stems in from self disciple and principles by which you create your life.

You can practice the following:

Set deadlines for yourself at work and also for personal goals.

Get organized in life.

Be physically fit. Work towards making your body fit and agile.

Practice healthy eating. Here’s the guide to healthy eating.

Manifest your knowledge

There’s no end to the process of learning. Read good books, success stories, motivational quotes, inspirational hymns, attend spiritual classes, and travel more to conquer self doubts and fears. This would help you fortify your will power.

Be a happy soul

Let not your journey steal your inner peace and happiness. When you are happy, you are optimistic. On the contrary a stressed out mind will always fall short of will power, motivation and physical stamina.

Are you a happy soul? Click the link to find out.

Developing will power is an exercise and you need do your homework on a daily basis. At the end, you shall be the winner. You would be the one controlling your life and not other way round.

Much Love