Why so serious? The art of using HUMOUR to get things done

by admin

Humour is magical.

Oftentimes, the idea of humour is taken rather jokingly. A joke or a smart phrase or a witty repartee can do wonders, if used at right time and right person.

In a professional set up, the ambience is usually made to look very serious and business like. But with changing trends and rise of millennial influence in setting up cultural framework, if you get too serious, people might not take you seriously.

Hence ask yourself, “Why so serious?”

Let me share an anecdote. A fellow colleague of mine, let’s use the alias Mr Serious, often had the habit of being overtly reactive to any given challenging situation. Meet any stumbling block and he used anger and flexed up vocal cords to deal with it, only to increase his troubles.

Day by day, vexed and fumed, he led his life, only to get caught in the quagmire of negative emotions.

Once, looking all worried and confused, he shared his sad story with me. I am not some guru or life coach to have given him some secret mantra to wriggle out of the condition.

However, I did share with him some very important gyaan which was once given to me by one renowned television producer and a very dear friend of mine.

I asked the producer friend, “What’s according to you is the key to success?” He smiled and replied, “There are many answers yet not a definite one. But for me, I feel keeping calm, maintain nerves at crux scenario is key. Being confrontational and edgy never helps. I will tell you a secret.”

He continued: “Suppose you are dealing a tough boss or a situation, use subtle humour. It helps in defusing tension and you take charge of the scenario. Be mirthful and all will be fine.”

True words of wisdom!!!

I shared this with my colleague Mr Serious and thankfully, he took note of it. How much he applied in his day to day functioning is something I wouldn’t know. But he certainly looks happier and more at ease these days.

Personally, I feel, humour is the essence of life. In this fast paced world, a little smile can enliven lives of many, be at work or at home.

But be cautious, too much of it can get cocky and end up irritating people. Know the person and moment, before using the ploy.

Humour is one of the best ways to get things done. Try it. When you can achieve with smiles, why get serious?

-Siddhartha Laik