10 Decisions That You Are Bound To Regret Later In Life

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Life is like sand, even before you realize it slips out of our hands. The scene that you have lived changes very fast and transforms into memories that would be sealed within the realms of our hearts, but the same moments will never come again in our lives. Hence it is so important that you live your life in a manner that when you look back and recollect these memories, you do not have any reason to regret. As a popular saying goes, “Thinking before acting is wisdom but acting before thinking is regret.”

Having known this, you need to be careful about what we do so that you do not live to regret later. These are some of the actions that translate into regrets.

Making your work your life

Work life has become all-encompassing and has resulted in taking away all the time that is at your disposal and somehow it has become a vicious circle. This further breaks down into a total lack of personal and family time.

It is most important to realize that you are never indispensable to your work environment. Your absence will change nothing at all for the people you work. But the people you love, your family and friends need you and if you take them for granted, then that would result in a strained relationship for life.

At a later stage in life, when you will have the time, they may not and hence all you will do is regret the fact that you missed out on all the lovely time that you could have spent and will yearn for it when they may not have to give.

Taking your loved ones for granted

You know that no matter what, your family and friends will always be there for you. They are the pillar of your life.

But then this does not allow you the liberty to take people for granted. You need to give them the time they will need and the attention that they seek. Not doing this will definitely strain the relationships and will rock the boat of your life.

It will not take long for your loved ones to grow out of your proximity and then engulf you with the feeling of being disconnected at a later stage in your life. And mark it, this very feeling of disappointment years down the line shall not revive the lost moments.

Losing touch with your close friends

Man is a social animal and is born to live together. We make friends, get close to them and as life gears up towards fast paced action, we let go of all such people half way. We may call it lack of time or inclination, but in this age of technology, there can be very little excuses that could be offered for not staying in touch.

Though technology may have advanced a lot, somehow we never seem to find time to stay in touch with people. Being busy is the worst excuse that you could offer to be off the radar. So ensure that you find time to be in touch with everyone who is important to you.

The role of a friend is always special, irrespective of anyone else in our lives, parents, spouses and children. Hence if you do not stay in touch with them, one fine day when you will feel the urge to share anything, you may find nobody next to you to reflect your joy or your tear.

Burning the bridges

As you move ahead in life, the people who were in your life at various points in time will slowly fade. There would have been people who would have praised you, criticised you encouraged you, but then you must ensure that you never keep the path in your hearts such that it will shut itself.

You should not let personal ego ruin relations in such a manner that the bridges are burnt and that there is no way you can seek the person back. You never know who you are bound to encounter or require on your way through your life, and that time, you should not sit with remorse at not having the path to tread on that would lead you to them.

 Letting go of your parents

As you grow older and wiser, you start relying totally on your understanding and perspective which more often than not differs from the thoughts of your older generation.

But their experience is a treasure which you often overlook and as they grow older, they are more left in their world which is so grossly different from yours. But your parents need you, your affection and your time. Be there for them, meet them, speak to them so that you will always have a chest full of memories that will always be cherished for a life time.

Do not let a situation to arise that you wish when they are no more that you had expressed your love and gratitude for all that they have done for you, but they can no longer hear you.

 Raising children as trophies

Children are a result of your love and to have them fill your life they should be treated in the same manner i.e. with love and affection. At the same time, they need to be raised in the correct boundaries of discipline and good conduct. Parenting is a tough task as you mould the life of a child and an entire generation.

When you start treating children as trophies and burden them with your expectations, they will feel bogged down. It will curtail their creativity and stunt their development.

Let the children be in their happy space and lead them carefully into your world so that they are equipped well to face the challenges of growing.

Not making the right investment

Partying is fun, and life offers enough luxuries to splurge your money on, but it is very important to make investment plans that will tide you over during bad times. Not having enough funds during times of need will lead you into despair and disappointment.

Hence if you do not have enough insurance covers, or enough investment, you are bound to feel the pinch sooner or later.

No time for health

Cliché as it might sound, if health is lost, then you have a lot to worry about. It is so simple to think that the workload will keep you so occupied that you have no time for your health. Skipping meals and sleep at odd hours are devastating and exercise is simply not within the radar of thought.

If you do not take time for your health now, later on, there will be plenty of time for remorse. Do not wait for disasters to start doing what is correct, else this will be one thing you are sure to regret.

Not getting in touch with your inner self


Mental health is as important as physical health. Stress has a direct impact on your well being and good health.

Hence you must take your time out to find ways to de-stress. You could start meditation or pursuing hobbies. Why should you give up on all that you like in the routine of life? Find ways to fulfil your desires and dreams.

If you do not do that immediately, you will never find the time for it. And there is something you will always despair.

Waiting too much for opportunity to knock you

Are you reliant completely on your destiny? Well, give up this habit, fortune won’t strike you unless you make an effort yourself. And then do not take too much time waiting for the right moment. Create one before time flies and you grow too old to take the risk. Seize the moment today for there’s no point regretting later.

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I would repeat once again, live life to the fullest because life is really short. Do not wait to reach the dead end of your journey, wondering why you never fulfilled any of your desires or chose time wisely. Do not let there be any scope for regret. Start today and take a complete view and charge of your life with a renewed vision.

Cheers to life!

Sandhya Parameshwaran

Author – SuccessYeti