7 Tips From Sangram Singh To Be Positive In Life

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Positivity isn’t just a term. It’s a feeling. In fact, being optimistic is everything in life and is an end to most of your problems and sorrows, if not all.

I spoke to this very optimistic personality, and this is what he had to share – “It’s always fun to do something that someone says you can never do. You become all the more determined and hungry to prove yourself.” Hey, wait! Don’t you want to know who it was? Don’t stop reading because he had more such wonderful things to share about being positive in life. Yes, he’s the one and only wrestler and actor, Sangram Singh who is an extremely good and positive human being. Here are his 7 tips on how to be positive in life.

1. Have faith in the Almighty

I advise everyone to believe in God. He is always there for us even though we cannot see him. He takes away all the small things from us and leaves a huge void in our lives so that he can gift us something really big. Our parents should be our Gods whom we should worship and take care of every moment. Believing in the Almighty gives us immense mental strength and we have no option but to be positive as pessimism and negative vibes can’t affect us then.

2.  There’s always an alternative

Post boiling milk, we drink it but when it curdles, it still doesn’t lose its utility, does it? Similarly, in life, there’s always an alternative, always a second chance. A person who fails, doesn’t actually fail, it’s just that his time to succeed has not arrived yet. Thus, he should always have a positive outlook in life. Winning and losing is a part of life. Some climb up, some fall down; those who fall down, never lose hope and start from scratch and if that doesn’t work, think differently and look for an alternative solution. Every clod has a silver lining and there’s always light at the end of a dark tunnel. Needless to say, the sun always rises after the pitch dark night.

3.   Believe in your dreams

Believe in your dreams. You can achieve them. There’s one word that isn’t there in my dictionary and that is – IMPOSSIBLE. Though I love acting and dancing, but wrestling is my biggest passion. I believed that I could make it big in life and make my country proud one day and I did it. Hence, believe in yourself and in your dreams, always.

4. That positive inspiration…

I am from a village and I have two huge sources of inspiration – one, my mother and the other, my country. Both have inspired me to be positive in life and move forward. When I was fighting against my strong Canadian opponent Joe Legend in South Africa at the Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship, I had signed a death contract before that and the only thing that was in my mind was the Indian flag. I knew I had to do it for my country and hence, the victory. My mother has always been my idol who supported me, come what may. The two other feminine inspirational souls for me are my sister and my girlfriend, Payal Rohatgi. Just like this, you should also have a positive inspiration in life.

5. Always look at the bigger picture in life

When I hear about things like dope and betting that is spoiling young sportspersons, I feel very sad. Why do all such things? Those who win big championships, none of them take or need to take drugs or get involved in betting. Just continue working hard and you will get what you want in life, even though it’s a little late. Bhagwan ke ghar mein der hai, andher nahi. Small losses don’t make a difference. It’s all about winning the war, in spite of losing the small battles.

6. Stand up for a good cause

Always help others and stand up for a good cause. Having been the Brand Ambassador of a great social cause and raising my voice for animals and human rights, I will also be a part of the Beti Bachao initiative very soon. When I get involved in such social initiatives, I genuinely feel very good and positive from inside.

7. Never give up

Never surrender in life. I myself fought Arthritis and got up from the wheelchair to represent India in wrestling. Nothing is impossible. One thing is for sure, efforts never go waste and die. Continue working hard and being devoted and dedicated towards your duties. Yes, you and only you can do it! Put your heart and soul into whatever you do. The milk will be sweet only when you add sugar to it. Similarly, you will achieve what you want in life only through hard work which has no substitute. Never give up and create your own destiny, that’s all.

Sangram also told me that his biggest show where Hrithik Roshan will be narrating his entire life will soon be aired on the prestigious Discovery Channel.  “Before I breathe my last, my wish is to see the Indian youth well-educated and also doing well for themselves in the sports arena. I wish them all the best,” he signed off. What’s more, he had also met PM Narendra Modi, who is a very positive person himself. So you see, positivity reaps wonderful results. Hence, be positive!


Shinjini Banerjee

Author cum Reporter – SuccessYeti