Beware: Money Can Corrupt You

by admin

The thing called money and the power it commands on human lives has always baffled me.

Everyone, everything is directly or indirectly related to these papers with immense value.

The Vedanta says one can earn as much money as possible via good means. However, the Vedanta also talks about earning high-quality values with increase in income.

But money has this dire flipside of corrupting human minds and altering behaviour for bad.

Specially in today’s time, an individual’s so called social standing or status, or his acceptability among fellow men, depends on the amount of wealth he has amassed.

A research done by Paul Piff, a doctoral student in psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, reported that having more money typically leads to more aggressive, selfish and “morally reprehensible” behavior.

Let me share a personal experience here.

A couple of months back a friend of mine called me up mentioning his impressive salary hike at work. He was very happy and called me and few other friends for a small celebratory get together.

There, high on his new achievement and CTC slip, he gulped down few drinks. The place was a pub (not a disco) and dancing was not allowed. However, he started dancing and dragged all with him. Of course, we were disturbing everyone and the Manager intervened. He asked us to settle down. But my friend, gripped in money and alcohol power, yelled and abused him and asked him to “f#*& off”.

That was not cool. So not very cool.

The Manager maintained his calm and asked us again to settle down. I requested my friend to pay off and leave. Yes, he did listen to me but not before breaking a couple of glasses. Before leaving the place he said the Manager, “I shall pay for the glasses and no tip for you.”

Few months later he lost his job. Karma, you see, always at work.

My friend is usually a sober simple guy but money kind of ate into his senses.

There is a saying, ‘what you own, ends up owning you’.

The hunger for material things and fat bank balance knocks the conscience within us and erodes our values and character, which is a real shame. We start looking at ourselves as superior beings and often end up detesting the less privileged. Money breeds corruption and crime.

The point here is that money can be a vice or a virtue. Money is a necessity for survival and let it be at that. Don’t make it a purpose or the most important part of existence.

Invest in people, experiences, goodness…not stalking those coloured papers.

Be happy with what you have. Be content. Don’t be jealous of other’s wealth nor be proud of yours. Don’t judge someone by the wheel he drives or the jewellery she wears. Value character. Value education. Value intelligence.

Money is a means not the master.

If you have more than what you need, then there’s no harm in sharing with those who are not as lucky as you. Consume only what you require, rest leave it for the others. And how much is actually too much, is something only you can decide. Or else, human needs are unlimited. They can never be satiated.

No matter how much you earn, always be humble and respect human values. For if money makes you a sinful person, then life shall play the leveller game.

It’s always good to be rich and financially secure. Everyone one should work towards achieving it. There’s no harm in it.  But don’t let ego, pride and felony come in. Be altruistic, charitable and generous. You will live a more fulfilling, long, healthy and happy life.

-Siddhartha Laik