Ego: Tame It For A Happy Life

by admin

Everyone is aware of the word ego. Here, we are not talking about the Freudian idea of ego, but the goblin in your head which is the primary cause of all anxieties and worries in life. And guess what? No one is responsible for feeding the goblin, but you and only you.

“How dare he talk to me like that”? “I am so smarter than him”. “I never apologise”. “I don’t give a sh*t”. I, I and more I….s. This is how the goblin grows!

Ego is the cause of social conditioning which begins at a very young age. A child is told by his parents that he has to be the best in academics. It all starts from there. Everything has been fixated to the idea of survival of the fittest. An idea which leads to fame, money, glory etc. etc, but knocks happiness and peace out of you. Be ambitious, be successful, but tame that ego. Or else you will be a living zombie.

There is no happiness, no contentment, no peace of mind until you try to deal with the monster called ego.

You have to work on yourself. Look deep within and gain control over your thoughts. Is it easy? Who are we kidding. It’s very difficult. It’s more difficult than climbing a mountain or running a 100 mt. race or lifting 500 pounds in the gym. You can win battles which are without, but you win the war only when you look within and defeat the inner demons.

Ego is anti love, anti peace, anti anything which is positive.

I would not tell you all to drop the ego immediately. That is impossible. But you can certainly make progressive efforts to control it.

How do you do that?

It’s easier said than done but here are few tips which could make you happier in life.

Choose love and compassion

If you are angry, egoistic then figure out if love has gone out of the window. For if there is love in your life, positivity flows in your veins. Choose love, it tames ego.

Remember, our Creator is one, our Source is the same. You cannot take pride in self based on your ego. So, I repeat once again, choose love and be compassionate to conquer your inner demons.

Forgive yourself, forgive others

You are a human, at times you will slip and allow your ego to flare up. But as they say, to err is human, to forgive is divine. Be conscious of your act, apologise to yourself, forgive and move on. Don’t go on a guilt trip. Be aware, be conscious and don’t repeat mistakes.

Similarly, understand that misunderstandings happen in relationships, but you need to forgive your loved one. There’s no point sticking to your ego and waiting for the other to apologize. Instead you take the step ahead, sort it out and allow love to blossom once again.

Be grateful

Be grateful, be very grateful of all the good things in your life. Stop complaining and keep thanking the Universe/God for everything and anything. A sense of gratefulness is all you need to curb that ego.

Thank people, thank everyone who is helping you through and is filling your life with love and happiness.

You are a speck in the universe

 Whenever the ‘I AM’ monster takes control of you, picture this. Picture yourself standing against the vast universe. Who are you? Who are we? Mother Earth herself is a tiny dot in the universe and that leaves us nowhere, almost to nothingness. The problem is that we humans give too much importance to ourselves and create warped realities. We have mastered the art of messing our heads, unlike any other living species on the planet. End of the day, we all have the same destination. Just enjoy life, go with the flow and have fun. Why so serious? Eh?

Spread love, spread smiles. Just be happy. Nothing else matters.

-Siddhartha Laik