Learn From The Best: 5 Tips From MissMalini To Become A Successful Internet Entrepreneur

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My name is Malini Agarwal, but of course now I go by my digital avatar MissMalini! Looking back I’ve (literally) danced around a career in media starting as a professional backup dancer for Indie pop artists like Sukhbir, Shibani Kashyap, Channel [V] and MTV. I moved to Mumbai in the year 2000 and joined the first Internet boom running digital content for MTV, and Midday, then kicked of a 9 year career in radio as a drive time host and gossip columnist for Radio One/Midday and became the digital content head for Channel [V] while I started my blog as a hobby in 2008. Things ramped up pretty quickly from there as social media took off and I focused on my blog full time from 2011. Now I’m proud to say MissMalini is a serious social media influencer for all things Bollywood, Fashion and Lifestyle and a leader in digital content. So what does it take to become a successful Internet Entrepreneur? Keeping your finger on the pulse of digital India, evolving with the times and a fair amount of FOMO! (*Fear Of Missing Out!). Check out more pointers:

1. Know your niche

There are a million websites, content creators and social media creators on the web today, what will make you stand out is finding the gap in digital content and owning everything about it. For instance MissMalini aspired to fill the void of entertainment content with a voice and personality and has become the one stop curated shop for everything you need to know about anything that’s relevant, engaging, sharable and cool for the young global Indian today with a bent towards Bollywood, Fashion and Lifestyle!

2. Use social media effectively

Today Social Media is your brand’s best friend. It’s your digital avatar and virtual voice, a way to communicate with the people you want to reach. It’s very important to identify the social media platforms that best suit your digital presence and use them to their full potential. Treat social media as you would any social network. Be yourself, be active and have a personality. Nobody wants to communicate with a robot. Be engaging, interesting and fun!

3. Interact

We no longer live in a world where you can exist in a bubble of your own enterprise. Find brands, communities and other Internet Entrepreneurs that complement what you do and create interesting collaborations. This allows you to share and grow your networks together. Today’s digital audience loves when they see their favourite virtual brands talk to each other. Besides it’s always more fun to play with the other geeks in the neighbourhood!

4. Perfect your user experience

No matter how good your social media skills are or how fabulous your personality is, if your product experience isn’t up to scratch you’re going to lose your audience. Whether you’re running an e-retail shop or launching a clever app beta test, focus on user experience aggressively. You get one golden chance to make an impression. If your interface is clunky or riddled with bugs people will “check out” only too quickly and are unlikely to come back. Also unhappy feedback and negative reviews spread like wildfire. Be quick to address gripes and feedback, people are for more likely to give you a second chance if you’re reachable and open to constructive criticism.

5. Have fun with it!

We live in incredible times where anything we imagine is possible! Let your imagination soar and enjoy the experience. Like Walt Disney said, “dream it, wish it, do it!” Never underestimate the power of passion and you’re more likely to approach your digital endeavour with creativity and passion when you’re enjoying what you do. So give your digital enterprise a good think before you launch. Ask yourself, “what would I be doing for the rest of my life if nobody paid me to do it?” And that’s what you need to do!

Good luck and to the moon!


These are indeed some great tips from ‘the’ MissMalini. Jot down, start acting and tread on the path of success.  Don’t forget to like, share and comment.

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