Ronnie Screwvala’s Dream With Your Eyes Open is TRULY INSPIRING (Grab a copy NOW)

by admin

Heard a lot about the book from my colleagues in the media fraternity and finally grabbed a copy last week. And guess what? I was so intrigued by the content and flow of the text that it took me merely a day to finish it. I am referring to Ronnie Screwvala’s MUST BUY book: Dream With Your Eyes Open: An Entrepreneurial Journey.

Personally, have been an admirer of Screwvala’s impressive and inspiring body of work. Though yet to have the fortune of meeting and interacting with him in person, I have heard him speak at a couple of conferences. Such clarity of thoughts, calm demeanour, impactful communication: a rare breed of entrepreneur who inspires and ignites passion in those who are restless, ambitious, always on the search for the next big thing.

The book is an absolute goldmine of information and relatable knowledge for entrepreneurs, to be entrepreneurs, professionals, and senior students. You need to read it over and over again to absorb every gold dust of information. However, after my first read, I had some takeaways which I would like to share, in all humbleness and gratefulness, with the readers of Here we go:

It’s Not Preachy: The best part about the book is that it is not preachy. It doesn’t finger point at you and say do this, do that. There is important messaging, but it’s all via life experiences, thus connecting with readers perfectly.

If He Can, So Can You: Ronnie is an outsider, which he keeps emphasising in the book. He had no godfather or silver spoons to feed from. A middle class fellow, he made it to the top of the food chain and beyond via his grit, passion, hard work and of course, intelligence. The book tells you, if he can, so can you. All you need is to take the leap of faith.

Failures and Mistakes: While many revel on glories, Ronnie is humble and courageous enough to talk about his failures and mistakes in life. He considers failures to be learning lessons which strengthen one’s character. We all fail, the choice is ours, to learn and move on or to succumb.

Communication:  Effective communication is important in any organizational set up, but as a leader he uses the term ‘charm’. It’s about bowling one over with energy and positivity. This is one important lesson we all need to learn.

Team building and Empathy: As an entrepreneur you are as good as your team. Ronnie emphasises on this point in Dream With Your Eyes Open. He talks about not making compromises while hiring the right talent. Most importantly he mentions the power of empathy while leading. Being humane towards fellow colleagues can do wonders to your business. End of the day, it’s all about people management.

Just Begin, Funds Will Follow: We all have ideas, ambitions, but very few can conquer fears and launch. Ronnie tells you to stop making excuses. The most basic fear is to get fund for your start up. Ronnie says just launch, work hard, have faith and funds will follow.

Humour: There will be tough times in the journey and that’s when your true leadership skills will be tested. Ronnie throughout the book talks about using humour in conversations to defuse tension. While addressing a team, or pitching ideas, use humour to sail through. I absolutely dig the idea.

Be Bold: By being bold, here, Ronnie doesn’t mean to grow 16 inches biceps (good if you do, no harm in it). But he talks about having real courage to face the team at a grinder of a moment. No matter what you go through, how tough the scenario, you have to be calm and in control. Let worries not show on your face at team meets or else whatever is left will be gone. Weather out the storm, you have to, that’s why you are the CEO, the Entrepreneur, the Founder.

Anecdotes: The book is replete with interesting titbits from Ronnie’s life. But he also shares intriguing Bollywood anecdotes (UTV days) which give you a rare insight into the happenings, workings and lives of the superstars of the tinseltown. Be it Shah Rukh’s shooting during Swades or the tussle to release Rang De, the memories will stay with you, like it did with the writer.

Well, I can share many more points. But rather I would suggest, just buy the book and have fun reading and learning.

Thank you Mr. Screwvala for the wonderful book. Hope you pen one more soon.

-Siddhartha Laik