Suffering Is a Part of Life, Accept It

by admin

Many would read the headline and consider it pessimistic. But my friends, by merely looking the other way, the truth doesn’t change.

Suffering, the very word, brings in not so good memories. We, humans, have always seen suffering as some kind of a curse.

However, suffering is a part of life. No matter who or where you are, suffering is inevitable.

It mainly is in the form of ageing, or sickness, or psychological. In today’s time, the notion is that buying a fancy gadget, or donning a nice dress, or heading on a small vacation, can end suffering. Yes, these things do act as diversions, but who are we kidding here. Does it really end suffering?

The answer is a universal no.

Here’s a story:

A woman carried her dead son to Prince Siddhartha and asked him to revive him. The prince told the mother to go to each house in the village and obtain a mustard seed from each family that had never known suffering. On her return with the mustard seeds he would consider her request. The distraught woman began knocking on each door in search of the family that had never known suffering but could not find one.

‘The truth of dukkha (suffering, anxiety, unsatisfactoriness) is ubiquitous. One cannot evade it. But the best way to end it is by accepting it. Like happiness, sadness and suffering are also an integral part of life, which defines one’s character and shapes one’s identity.

Mark my words. Suffering becomes insufferable when you make it a mental monster. Don’t do that, control it.

Embrace the fact that human life will bring suffering. Don’t build a mental cocoon of a fictional world. Accept and gain strength from your suffering. Nothing is permanent, everything is transient. This too shall pass. If there is suffering, there is happiness round the corner. And the transition is in absolutely your hands.

There is a reason why we suffer. Suffering controls pride. It keeps us human. Makes us realise that essence of existence. Suffering is not the reflection of your self worth, it’s based on moments and situations. Every successful person has suffered but they have found profound happiness in it. Found greatness and learning in it. Every part of your life, in school, college, work, marriage, parenthood you will experience suffering. But it’s only a process via which you become stronger and more enlightened. Everything which is worthwhile, everything which is important, has to go through the path of suffering. Accept it. Accept life in totality, the good and the bad.

Liberate your mind, liberate your soul and you shall end to suffer.

-Siddhartha Laik