Time to get rid of Negative Emotions

by admin

It’s funny.

Times have changed, they say. But we are still the same blood and flesh, with dollops of emotions as toppings.

Emotion… A beautiful word, which binds all humans. Wherever you are, whoever you are, emotions run deep in all of us. It’s ubiquitous and universal.

However, there is a glitch. Emotions are divided, like the human race itself.

While love, happiness, gratefulness etc etc fall in the basket of positive emotions, feelings of anger, hatred, jealousy, etc etc flex their muscles at the negative emotion corner of the ring.

It’s a constant battle of the good and the bad and more than often, thanks to today’s fast paced consumerism injected lives, negative emotions rule the roost.

Oftentimes, during my day to day conversations with fellow colleagues and associates, even loved ones, I have observed that very few are aware of their emotional quotient and transference.

If you are upset, thanks to your mood and power of speech and actions, you tend to make others upset too (thus, resorting to transference). Energies of negativity spread like wildfire.

One doesn’t even bat an eyelid to whiff and puff and grump in anger and yell and rant making the ambience miserable.

Result? A whole vicious cycle of negative emotions spreading like an epidemic.

As a human being, the best thing one can do is to send positive energies to fellow mates or people we come in contact with. It’s a blessing in disguise.

We are so bothered by material gratification that we forget the importance of positive energies in life.

And know what? Medical science would tell you that anger, hatred, when harboured for long in the body and mind, can lead to deadly diseases, even like cancer.

Why kill yourself?

Anyone who is reading this might feel that I am stating the obvious. Actually, I am.

There’s a deluge of articles on spiritual upliftment on the internet today, which is truly amazing. Yet, and sadly yet, what is being preached is far from being practised.

So is it easy to follow? To control negative emotions? The answer is a no. Wish it would have been so easy.

Yes, you will snap every now and then and lose it completely.

But the key lies in being aware. The need is to increase self awareness. Every time you are angry or jealous or seething with hatred, imagine yourself as an ugly obnoxious green goblin.

How would you feel if someone is rude and nasty with you? Bad and miserable, right? Then don’t be rude to others as well. Stop spreading negative energies.

Be aware and be conscious. Every time you get it wrong, take note of it and promise to behave yourself. There is always a next time, a better humane time.

Gradually, eventually you will heal yourself and everyone around you.

You are your energy. You are your emotions. You get what you give. Thus, promise to give only positivity. The change begins with you.

Go win the world!!!

-Siddhartha Laik