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Beautiful message: The poor boy: The rich boy

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You were born in a first class hospital, I was delivered at home, we both survived.

You went to a private primary school and I went to a public school, we both ended in the same high school.

You woke up from the bed and I woke from the floor, we both had a peaceful night rest.

Your outfits are all expensive, mine are all simple and cheap, we both still cover our nakedness.

You ate fried rice and roasted chicken, I ate local made food but we both still ate to our satisfaction.

You ride on Lexus jeep, Range Rover, G Wagon, Hummer Jeep and I use public transport but we still got to our various destination.

You may be reading this post from your Sony xperia, BB Z10, Q10, Samsung Galaxy 6edge, IPhone6+ and I typed it with my Touch one broken screen, we still see the message.

Lifestyle is not a competition and there are different ways to get a lot of things done, different lanes all leading to the same destination. Just because your neighbour is doing things faster does not mean you are failing.

Happiness doesn’t come from having everything, but making the best out of what you have, it’s all about how you see yourself.

Happiness is not having what you like. Happiness is liking what you have and being content…
Courtesy says
You must never ask a woman her age and a man his salary.
Do you know why, Have you ever thought about it..
Well here is a beautiful insight…
It is wrong to ask a woman her age because she hardly ever lives for herself!
And it is wrong to ask a man his salary because he hardly ever spends on himself!.

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6 Things To Do Daily To Look Forever Fresh And Young

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We come across different types of people in our everyday walk of life. While some brim with energy and freshness, the kind that we all vie for, others merely fall short of it, thereby wearing a strange gloominess and lack lustre face, apparently for no reason. Well, let’s not get into the second variant, for we all should know the secrets to look fresh and radiant and retain our youth forever…

Here’s 6 awesome tips for you.

Sweat out

Sweating burns calories, and you must sweat out daily with exercise. Indulge in cardio workouts at least for half an hour daily to restore your youthful glow. Meditation and breathing exercises are also wonderful options for internal purification of your mind and body which further gets manifested in your external appearance.

Rehydrate yourself

Only sweating out is not enough…You need to replace the lost water in your body. So drink ample water and fresh fruit juices. Water detoxifies your system and renders a natural sheen to your skin. To know details, you can check this article: Drink 3 liters of water daily to experience these 7 wonders.

Include antioxidants in your diet

Antioxidants are present in wide range of natural ingredients and you got to eat daily to experience the difference in your health and looks. Fresh fruits like oranges, apples, blueberries, etc. and colourful vegetables including, spinach, carrots, bell peppers, kale and broccoli are wonderful sources of antioxidants. They are essential for proper functioning of your heart and immune system.

Have ample good sleep

Heard of beauty sleep? Imagine if 15 minutes of nap can make you look so fresh and active, then 7-9 hours of good sound sleep can create so many wonders. Here’s some tips to have a great sleep- 5 bedtime habits that will help you sleep deeply

Be stress free

No matter how much you tell people that you have no stress, if you are really stressed out, it will show up on your behaviour and face. And it would eventually make you weak and fragile. So, time to reform your lifestyle and cut down your stress levels with this article – 7 natural ways to beat stress

Be merry and laugh…

And lastly, never fail to miss an opportunity to laugh. That’s why Charlie Chaplin has spoken these beautiful words, “A day without laughter is a day wasted”. Be happy and smile, it will naturally add some quality years to your life.

Not tough? Take these 6 steps everyday and set an example for others.

Want Your Business To Stand Out In The Market? Here’s the guide

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“Wisdom cannot be imparted. Wisdom that a wise man attempts to impart always sounds like foolishness to someone else … Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. One can find it, live it, do wonders through it, but one cannot communicate and teach it.”

―  Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

Trust me, communication is the best thing that humans can do. Actually branding can never be taught, it’s what you learn from experience and understanding the identity of the consumers.

In relevance I have something to share… So it happens to be a usual Sunday When I contacted my friend Adesh who was recently interning at Bizongo, a Mumbai based B2B e-commerce marketplace for packaging, plastics and paints and since we all were into our internships, work culture and work profile happen to be the hot topics of our discussion.

During the interaction, he was narrating me his experience when certain facts got my attention. Bizongo has tapped Modi’s Motive of Swaach Bharat Abhiyaan, the motive was turned out into a campaign in the area of proximity like Damodar Park and Powai. They launched a Swaach Baharat kit. This was an area which was a good way to stand out because Start-up Social Responsibility is a missed out opportunity by many. Just think what we will do with the left out water drums? But Bizongo had already thought about it, something Nek Chand had carved in his rock gardens by creating innovative benches and furniture from waste drums. Ganesh Pooja also was incorporated in their campaigns where they focussed on eco-friendly and reusable packaging for sweets.

This conversation gave me clarity on what a start-up can do for the branding. These small campaigns or ideas can be really a booster to  your start – up at times.

A strong brand can influence a number of areas in your business, from creating trust between your company and its users to attracting new talent and customers.

So how can entrepreneurs stand out in the stiff competition? Here’re some ideas

What’s your unique story?

Whenever entrepreneurs talk about their start-ups, the one that has a more engaging story stands out. More than the product or service that one offers, it is the way one tells the world about it matters a lot more.

Discover the X factor of your business. It has to be there.

“Crafting a compelling story is also important in garnering press mentions and shaping perceptions of your brand to your user base”, says Erickson.

Customer is the king

When customers are happy your business flourishes! As simple as that. Think of your customers, take their feedback and make your service as friendly as possible.

Furthermore, maintaining relationship with existing customers and tapping their loyalties to build customer base is also essential to make your business stand out.

Brand associations and brand trust

It means how much the brand is deep seated in your customers’ mind. Connect with brands that relate to target audience. This is strengthened using effective communications like advertising, packaging, Word of mouth publicity etc. As human beings, we inherently understand the importance of trust from finance to friendship and even contents of our food.

Quality matters the most 

How do you achieve customer satisfaction? Well, when customers are satisfied with the quality of your product, be it consumer goods, services, content or other intangible stuff.

So never compromise with the quality! It would definitely add an edge to your business over others.

Promote your business via. cultural functions, festivals, events, etc.

Culture plays a very important role in market demand and it can be understood from social and business interactions. An entrepreneur should have a good hang of cultural knowledge.

For example Start-ups especially in India have an immense opportunity to tap in the coming season of autumn winter filled with so many festivities starting with Ganpati and then Durga puja, followed by Dushera or vijaydashmi and in a span of 10 days marked by Diwali

These culture, festivities, stories can be related to advertising campaigns, communication and schemes designed.

Some brilliant examples are – Tata DoCoMo designed an ad campaign promoting free talk time during the four days of Durga puja (which  targets all Bengalis  and Guajarati’s) or Tanishq again in its ad campaign where they captured the hearts of customers with the tagline, “Don’t hold back on your Diwali celebrations, it comes only once a year where a husband gifts his wife an ornament”.

Hire the right talent

The kind of people you have hired for your company plays the most significant role in the success of your business. “The smartest business decision you can make is to hire qualified people. Bringing the right people on board saves you thousands, and your business will run smoothly and efficiently.”  – Brian Tracy

So those were some tips that make your business a success in this already enterprising market economy.


Gautam Chadha 

Author – SuccessYeti

Tips To Become A Millionaire By 30

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We all want money and we want it fast. Money makes the world go round, eh. And a millionaire by 30? Sounds like a preposterous distant dream? Not so much, my friend. All you need to do is abide by these life-hacks and make sure you’re being diligent. While we can’t all be a Lannister when it comes to our bank accounts, we can at least Xaro Xoan Daxos our way to riches (yeah well.. I know, but you know what I mean, right?).

First up, you have to realize that this is a gradual process. There is no fairy godmother who is going to whisk the Swiss Bank away and dump it on your doorstep. So you’d better hold your head  high and ACTUALLY work accordingly instead of just procrastinating when you’re done with this article. Get that pen and piece of paper and think hard.

Allow me to demonstrate.

The drive


Is this because all my friends are rich? Is this because I am simply bored and want to have some fun and some money? Is this because I want to stop going about dragging my life and make it count? Whatever your motives are, give them solid ground. Give them a purpose. Find what drives you. What makes you thrive. Write that down and mean it.

Find something you’re good at and DON’T do it for FREE

The Joker gave you this brilliant piece of wisdom, so adhere to it. There’s a fine line between charity, friendship and business. When you want to tilt the economy in your favour, you have to hop on the self-preservation wagon, if only a little bit. There’s no shortcut to success and that nasty road is made of the bones of those dreamers who didn’t work towards their goals. That’s so awfully graphic…thanks so much Game Of Thrones, for ruining me. Anyway. You need to assess the demand in the market and cater accordingly.

Make a budget plan and stick to it

All these folks that you see, driving a Porsche or an Audi every other day, drinking age-old wine and donning an Armani suit or some Christian Louboutins like it’s no big deal, well it is a big deal and it’s a lot of money and mind you you’ve only just begun. First assess your expenditure and its relationship with your income. You can’t spend like there’s no tomorrow. Your savings have to count. Do you really need that new car or that new piece of furniture? Is it inevitable that you buy this new Play Station? Ask yourself if you REALLY NEED it. You have to live on a budget. Live frugally, increase your apparent income. If you’re stagnant at your job this dream isn’t likely to happen. So work harder, and live miserably. That was terrible phrasing, but you need to know what’s at stake here. You accept the terms and conditions, right? Teach yourself to save at least 30-40 percent of your income as that might just give you success in this sector.

Remember Warren Buffet’s tip- Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.

Read more about: Common money mistakes you are making daily

Believe in yourself

The one massive error in this human programming is its constant denial of self-esteem. If you WANT to be rich, you have to believe that you CAN be rich, that you DESERVE to be rich. Don’t undermine yourself and think, “Oh man. I can’t be this rich. I’m flat broke. I’m doing nothing with me in life.” You ARE worth it, okay? You CAN and you WILL get rich. And there’s NOTHING in the seven hells that can stop you. Like Jordan Belfort (or better Leonardo Dicaprio’s quote in The Wolf of Wall Street) once said, “The only thing standing between you and your dream is that lame story you keep telling yourself as to why can’t achieve it.”

Go big or go home

Aim for 10-15 million, not one. As soon as you hit that one million counter you’re going to want to celebrate but NO. There’s still a LOT of work to be done. One slip up and you’re dragged back into the hundred-thousands. You didn’t give everything you are to end up in the hundred-thousands. You’re a big player. It’s either homerun or a strike. When you play the Game of Notes, you either win or you die. There is no middle ground.

Be fearless- only focus on the journey

Lastly, you will have to accept that people WILL stand in your way. This road to riches is strewn with thorns. People will admire you, but they’ll abhor you all the same. Be strong. Be tenacious. It doesn’t pay to break down and let go. It’s only by holding on and climbing on that you’ll reach the top of the mountain. Sometimes, you’re going to wonder why you decided to do this in the first place. Take out that paper where you wrote why and remind yourself why. Because YOU deserve it.

Associate with successful people

Cum’mon, grow up. Spend less time frisking around with friends without any goals and spending your money in futile things. Remember you dream is to be rich.  So, get along with people who have succeeded in life and have an inspiring story to tell you. They could be great mentors for you. Grab their advices and use your intelligence to earn that big buck.

Ask believe receive

Do you believe in this theory? Well, start believing then…All you have to do is ask from the Universe what you want and then believe that you are capable of receiving it and you will receive it at the end. Last but not the least, do not hesitate to ask for help. Yes, someone’s help might change your fortune, you never know when miracles happen.

So ready? Start it now! Time flies too fast…Good luck!


Sejuti Bala 

Author- SuccessYeti

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