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The New Wave of Entrepreneurship

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There is a multi-trillion dollar economy opening up to technology faster than ever. It has been driven by trends that have changed the nature of how entrepreneurs will be characterized going forward; specifically, industry executives will be the next wave of in-demand startup CEOs.



In April of 2007, Apple changed everything with the launch of the iPhone. It is hard to imagine that it has only been 8 years since the release of the first truly pervasive smartphone, but there is no denying its impact has been world-changing. Beyond the creation of a new dimension of industry-driven, by location-based, services (and with it, a myriad of billion dollar companies), an equally significant phenomenon emerged. By creating technology that was intuitive to the consumer masses, every person around the world started to embrace technology as more than just a work tool. Lawyers, doctors, car mechanics and people from every sector of the economy not only had a tool for productivity, but a piece of technology in their pocket they embraced as an intimate part of their lives.


Furthermore, these new consumers could now point to a standard for usable technology. Cumbersome, enterprise legal software that won’t allow a lawyer to search cases from outside the office is no longer acceptable. For those outside of the Silicon Valley silo, conversations can be heard from construction workers sitting on a lunch break saying “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an app to …”. Unfortunately, these conversations are often too far away from Silicon Valley’s ears, which are still dominated by the talk of what will be the next WhatsApp or Instagram. Even so, a new breed of entrepreneur is emerging who see firsthand the challenges in their industry, and with that the opportunity to make a world-changing impact, and these entrepreneurs do not fit the founder archetype that many Silicon Valley investors look for.



Photos from http://www.ablogtowatch.com, http://securityaffairs.co, http://geniusapp.com, and http://www.rakenapp.com

Previous decades saw similar shifts in entrepreneur characterizations. The late 90s were about Harvard MBAs applying traditional management techniques to leverage brand new Internet technologies. The “aughts” brought on the “22 year-old Stanford Computer Science” graduate applying technology to a low hanging industry. Now, in this decade, we are seeing a new wave of entrepreneurship driven by industry executives with deep product backgrounds leveraging technology to disrupt a traditionally non-tech industry.

For the past 2 years I’ve had the opportunity to see this shift firsthand as the managing partner of Silicon Valley Software Group (SVSG), a firm of CTOs focused on helping companies with their technology strategy. SVSG has seen entrepreneurs ranging from movie producers, lead singers of platinum album rock bands, travel executives, and hedge fund managers all trying to figure out how to leverage their domain expertise through technology. After a number of similar engagements, a few observations have emerged:

In each venture, a product-focused entrepreneur saw the adoption of technology among their peers in a particular industry and, with that, the opportunity to create a product focused on that industry.

  • Noneof these entrepreneurs had notable tech experience.
  • Hardly ANY of these high profile individuals had relevant connections with the Silicon Valley community.

This last observation is of particular importance!

As tunnel-visioned as Silicon Valley might be, there is a reason that it has produced so many world-changing companies.

The combination of growth capital, multidisciplinary talent, and mentors sharing best practices around how to create hyper-growth businesses are often taken for granted by those who are part of the ecosystem.

However, the disconnect between Silicon Valley natives and outsiders is shocking. Many of the companies SVSG has come across have no ability to raise strategic capital at first because their businesses are too risky when considering common pitfalls they are more likely to fall into compared with their Valley peers. Concepts as commonplace as the lean startup methodology are welcomed as sage insight to these new entrepreneurs.

What is missing for these new founders is a bridge into Silicon Valley. To date, this has been stymied by a narrow mindset from the Silicon Valley community. However, the forces of capitalism will eventually prevail and these new entrepreneurs will find their own community to center around. Keen investors will lead the herd and take advantage of existing markets ripe for change. Incubators and accelerators will emerge with afocus on entrepreneurs with deep industry experience. We are in a tech boom right now and there are countless ways to apply technology to industries that haven’t changed in decades. For those sitting in the corner office, the time has come to venture out, there are markets to disrupt.

The original article was written by MATT SWANSONand can be read on the Toptal Blog.


For Budding Entrepreneurs: Here Are 7 Funding Options For Your Startup

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While shuffling the newspaper in the morning, one thing stuck my attention – Snapdeal – the online marketplace whose co- founder Kunal Bahl has been awarded as the entrepreneur of the Year award in the recent ET awards held. The company has shown growth maturity and sometime recently was able to raise money at a valuation of $ 5.5 billion from investors all over the globe.

The capital always exists there, one just needs to seek these sources of capital. Today there are extensive and exciting options available to our entrepreneurs to get funds. It is a bit complex yet interesting exercise to select the right funding option from the pool. It’s just like monopoly when it comes to financing because if one doesn’t analyse his / her situations, his/ her needs and his /her ultimate goals and directly jumps for any financing opportunity available- It is really hasty! i.e. One bad move and you are back to square one.

So here is a bunch of options on the floor for all the booming start-ups and new age entrepreneurs.


The very first and the best option is bootstrapping or self-funding. But why is it the best funding choice?  This is because one can grow organically, i.e. one can grow nicely at one’s own pace and the entrepreneur is not answerable to any party except himself because the money comes from his pocket. One can also save time from that tedious process of fundraising.


The next option for the young entrepreneurs is incubators, precisely meant for all novice entrepreneurs. The incubator cells act like the womb, offering nourishment to the baby. So what are incubators exactly? Incubators provide start-up businesses with a variety of services such as knowledge, office space, equipment, management consultancy and other amenities. It is like an ecosystem where all resources enable an environment to grow and develop until they are capable of growing on their own. In India today major IIT universities (Delhi, Madras and Kharagpur) have given rise to student incubated companies i.e. a joint venture between students and teachers. These incubators are also a source of seed funding (the capital infused by investor given in exchange of equity stake in start-up). This seed financing can also be a promoter to attract a number of potential investors

Angel investors

Another new term that I came across while setting up our own Entrepreneurship cell at college is -angel investor.

All entrepreneurs are no doubt very much enterprising but one thing that hinders their growth or success is empty pockets or lack of resources and the other is tough competition. The beginning of anything requires a strong support framework and here comes Angel investors who are saviours like Bollywood heroes. Angel investors are not some characters from fairy tale but are people who themselves have gone through these hardships and tough times and are very comprehending and empathizing the needs & problems of start-ups respectively. This is the time when these investors jump in with the initial investment and trust on entrepreneurs. And to get a chunk of money from them, you need to pitch your business plan and the rest is their decision…Fingers crossed!

There is huge list of potential investors in the India Angel network some of them include Anupam Mital (CEO of People’s group), Kunal Bahl (co-founder and CEO of Snapdeal.com,), Meena Ganesh (CEO of Portea Medical) , Ajeet Khurana  (CEO of SINE IIT Bombay) , Sandeep Goenka(Zebpay), Ankur Warikoo (CEO of Group-on), Sharad Sharma (CEO of Yahoo!).


In a country like India building confidence and trust is really very important for any brand image. When I was a kid, I used knock the doors of our neighbourhood along with a bunch of friends during festivals Dassera, Diwali, Christmas and Lohri to collect money to organize a social activity like making a Ravan or to organizing a Diwali / Christmas  party or to make the Lohri bonfire. That time, I didn’t know very concept of
“seeking funds” will turn out to be a mega hit in this present age. It’s all you need to make people believe in your idea, trust you and offer you the much needed funds.

Recently at a pre placement talk by Mahindra group made me aware about its recent initiative – ‘Spark the rise’ which allows people to talk about their idea and request a funding for your start-up. The crowd funding can be a donation (Ketto- Convincing people to donate for ideas, one can provide support for the causes you think are important) , lending based (Milaap.Org which is raising funds for poor – A micro finance website)  and equity based (not yet arrived in India). Anshulika Dubey can be credited for the most talked about platform Wish berry supporting anything that’s creative and out of the box.


There are numerous solutions and specialized services available at bank like small business loans or micro loans. If one goes to a bank, one has to present the whole breakdown of how each single penny will be spent. If you have an excellent credit history, one may be able to use that to help you use a line of credits to fund your start-up.


Have a filthy rich dad or an uncle? He could be the angel investor for you! Explain your business idea to him, the revenue model, profits and take him to your confidence. If it works, then nothing like that…It’s indeed one of the best funding options for your startup. All the best.

Trade Equity /services

Trade equity service is also a new trend bringing the old barter exchange into the frame. Giving equity in your business for rendering some service to investors as an alternative to paying cash could also be a preferred option.

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Well, well, well, every funding option has some pro and con. So weigh your business in respect to funds, scaling and long term profit and other important factors. Take help from an experienced who would guide you. But give your 100% so that funding is not the limiting factor.


Gautam Chadha

Author – SuccessYeti

5 Things You Should Spend More Money On

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img source: kuripotpinay.com

When you have money, you have the ability to spend. When you have money, you can make choices. But how often do we spend money on right things, on necessary things, on things that would make us better individuals both mentally and physically? Think…

Although, the priority and value of things differ from one individual to another, yet we can make better choices with the resources we have been blessed with. Here are 5 things on which you can spend more money with any regrets.


Are you still the couch potato, enjoying the last bite of that cheese loaded pizza? Still pondering should you join a fitness club? My friend, open up your senses! You are making easy for diseases to take shelter in your body. Rise up, get fit and shed those extra pounds and change your eating habits.

Remember fitness plays an instrumental role in the life of all successful people. If you are fit, you can work. If you are unfit you can do nothing. So, take care of your health. Spend your savings in gym memberships or buying home equipments, recreation classes, or any other fitness workout that you love. They are all worth the money spent.


It makes me sad to see people wasting their hard earned money (or pocket money) behind stuff that cripple their health. Such people would think infinite number of times before spending money on a bowl of fresh fruits but would never feel guilty in buying unlimited drinks! Do I sound offensive? Well, my intention is absolutely not to pick on your acts.

All I am stating is – indulge in healthy eating. Your fitness doesn’t solely depend on your physical energy but also on what you eat. Include healthy food items in your daily diet which include whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, and try to cut down consumption of unhealthy food!

You won’t feel the difference unless you have tasted healthy food! So next time, don’t check your wallet before buying the salad; just go for it. You won’t regret.


Do I need to explain why you should spend money on travel? If you are getting that awesome opportunity to travel then go for it. Check your budget and make sure you have ample to survive after returning from the holiday! If these things are working out well, then there’s no reason to not spend on holidays.


One of the main reasons why we fall behind in competitions is lack of knowledge which is directly associated with lack of education. Thus, spend your money on things that would enrich your knowledge. Buy books, buy gadgets for productive utilization, pay extra cable bills to get all informative channels, spend your savings in learning a new skill, for getting enrolled in colleges, etc. and so many wonderful things you can do to empower your intellect.

Also try to help people who are not able to afford education.


Want to join photography classes, learn new dance forms, take up swimming classes, learn a foreign language, and try your hand at baking? Just go for it! Hobbies remind that we are unique and we have innate abilities that we must polish…Never hesitate in spending money on stuff that you love and you are passionate about. You can weave the magic.

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Life is simple if you want it to be simple. Having bountiful resources is a blessing. So value it, and spend on things that would enrich your life with experiences. Make choices, wise choices! You have one life.

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Tips To Become A Millionaire By 30

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We all want money and we want it fast. Money makes the world go round, eh. And a millionaire by 30? Sounds like a preposterous distant dream? Not so much, my friend. All you need to do is abide by these life-hacks and make sure you’re being diligent. While we can’t all be a Lannister when it comes to our bank accounts, we can at least Xaro Xoan Daxos our way to riches (yeah well.. I know, but you know what I mean, right?).

First up, you have to realize that this is a gradual process. There is no fairy godmother who is going to whisk the Swiss Bank away and dump it on your doorstep. So you’d better hold your head  high and ACTUALLY work accordingly instead of just procrastinating when you’re done with this article. Get that pen and piece of paper and think hard.

Allow me to demonstrate.

The drive


Is this because all my friends are rich? Is this because I am simply bored and want to have some fun and some money? Is this because I want to stop going about dragging my life and make it count? Whatever your motives are, give them solid ground. Give them a purpose. Find what drives you. What makes you thrive. Write that down and mean it.

Find something you’re good at and DON’T do it for FREE

The Joker gave you this brilliant piece of wisdom, so adhere to it. There’s a fine line between charity, friendship and business. When you want to tilt the economy in your favour, you have to hop on the self-preservation wagon, if only a little bit. There’s no shortcut to success and that nasty road is made of the bones of those dreamers who didn’t work towards their goals. That’s so awfully graphic…thanks so much Game Of Thrones, for ruining me. Anyway. You need to assess the demand in the market and cater accordingly.

Make a budget plan and stick to it

All these folks that you see, driving a Porsche or an Audi every other day, drinking age-old wine and donning an Armani suit or some Christian Louboutins like it’s no big deal, well it is a big deal and it’s a lot of money and mind you you’ve only just begun. First assess your expenditure and its relationship with your income. You can’t spend like there’s no tomorrow. Your savings have to count. Do you really need that new car or that new piece of furniture? Is it inevitable that you buy this new Play Station? Ask yourself if you REALLY NEED it. You have to live on a budget. Live frugally, increase your apparent income. If you’re stagnant at your job this dream isn’t likely to happen. So work harder, and live miserably. That was terrible phrasing, but you need to know what’s at stake here. You accept the terms and conditions, right? Teach yourself to save at least 30-40 percent of your income as that might just give you success in this sector.

Remember Warren Buffet’s tip- Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.

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Believe in yourself

The one massive error in this human programming is its constant denial of self-esteem. If you WANT to be rich, you have to believe that you CAN be rich, that you DESERVE to be rich. Don’t undermine yourself and think, “Oh man. I can’t be this rich. I’m flat broke. I’m doing nothing with me in life.” You ARE worth it, okay? You CAN and you WILL get rich. And there’s NOTHING in the seven hells that can stop you. Like Jordan Belfort (or better Leonardo Dicaprio’s quote in The Wolf of Wall Street) once said, “The only thing standing between you and your dream is that lame story you keep telling yourself as to why can’t achieve it.”

Go big or go home

Aim for 10-15 million, not one. As soon as you hit that one million counter you’re going to want to celebrate but NO. There’s still a LOT of work to be done. One slip up and you’re dragged back into the hundred-thousands. You didn’t give everything you are to end up in the hundred-thousands. You’re a big player. It’s either homerun or a strike. When you play the Game of Notes, you either win or you die. There is no middle ground.

Be fearless- only focus on the journey

Lastly, you will have to accept that people WILL stand in your way. This road to riches is strewn with thorns. People will admire you, but they’ll abhor you all the same. Be strong. Be tenacious. It doesn’t pay to break down and let go. It’s only by holding on and climbing on that you’ll reach the top of the mountain. Sometimes, you’re going to wonder why you decided to do this in the first place. Take out that paper where you wrote why and remind yourself why. Because YOU deserve it.

Associate with successful people

Cum’mon, grow up. Spend less time frisking around with friends without any goals and spending your money in futile things. Remember you dream is to be rich.  So, get along with people who have succeeded in life and have an inspiring story to tell you. They could be great mentors for you. Grab their advices and use your intelligence to earn that big buck.

Ask believe receive

Do you believe in this theory? Well, start believing then…All you have to do is ask from the Universe what you want and then believe that you are capable of receiving it and you will receive it at the end. Last but not the least, do not hesitate to ask for help. Yes, someone’s help might change your fortune, you never know when miracles happen.

So ready? Start it now! Time flies too fast…Good luck!


Sejuti Bala 

Author- SuccessYeti

15 Common MONEY MISTAKES You are Making Daily

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Money can make you rich and make you bankrupt within no time. Thus, these fine papers of infinite value need very careful handling. Let me ask you few questions here whose answers you may or not have…

How often do you utter these lines? “Where the hell did I spend all my money”, “Shit I just got my salary and I am a broke now”, “How will I survive the whole month”, “How should I pay off my bills,” “Should I borrow or call my dad…” and many more…Some food for thought-  How did your money disappear?

The answer possibly is you are going too casual with your money which is why your wallet gets empty and your bank balance keeps subsiding…

Money is exactly like a liquid. If you do not store, it will flow… All I am trying to state is to be a little cautious spender. You have worked hard everyday to earn that money, so don’t waste it…

Look into the following 15 common money mistakes that you are making daily.

  1. You are spending more than your earning
  2. You buy everything with your credit card
  3. You borrow money at the end of the month
  4. You are spending way too much on alcohol and other addictions
  5. You are in an extravagant friend zone who compels you to spend
  6. You spend money on expensive brands without saving anything
  7. Whenever you walk in a departmental store, you always end up buying items which are not required
  8. You are addicted to shopping, depending more often on your credit card
  9. You pile up on your bills by delaying payments
  10. You don’t have a monthly budget for anything
  11. You are buying expensive food everyday despite getting home-cooked meals
  12. You have taken loan without having the ability to pay off
  13. You are gifting your friends and relatives way too often
  14. You are not saving anything for the future
  15. You never calculate before spending

Can you relate to the aforementioned points? If yes, then change your lifestyle by avoiding the mistakes. Be a smart spender instead of laundering your money in futile things. When you have savings, you are more secure. When you value money, it will stay with you and help you to make better choices for yourself.

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Beware: Money Can Corrupt You

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The thing called money and the power it commands on human lives has always baffled me.

Everyone, everything is directly or indirectly related to these papers with immense value.

The Vedanta says one can earn as much money as possible via good means. However, the Vedanta also talks about earning high-quality values with increase in income.

But money has this dire flipside of corrupting human minds and altering behaviour for bad.

Specially in today’s time, an individual’s so called social standing or status, or his acceptability among fellow men, depends on the amount of wealth he has amassed.

A research done by Paul Piff, a doctoral student in psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, reported that having more money typically leads to more aggressive, selfish and “morally reprehensible” behavior.

Let me share a personal experience here.

A couple of months back a friend of mine called me up mentioning his impressive salary hike at work. He was very happy and called me and few other friends for a small celebratory get together.

There, high on his new achievement and CTC slip, he gulped down few drinks. The place was a pub (not a disco) and dancing was not allowed. However, he started dancing and dragged all with him. Of course, we were disturbing everyone and the Manager intervened. He asked us to settle down. But my friend, gripped in money and alcohol power, yelled and abused him and asked him to “f#*& off”.

That was not cool. So not very cool.

The Manager maintained his calm and asked us again to settle down. I requested my friend to pay off and leave. Yes, he did listen to me but not before breaking a couple of glasses. Before leaving the place he said the Manager, “I shall pay for the glasses and no tip for you.”

Few months later he lost his job. Karma, you see, always at work.

My friend is usually a sober simple guy but money kind of ate into his senses.

There is a saying, ‘what you own, ends up owning you’.

The hunger for material things and fat bank balance knocks the conscience within us and erodes our values and character, which is a real shame. We start looking at ourselves as superior beings and often end up detesting the less privileged. Money breeds corruption and crime.

The point here is that money can be a vice or a virtue. Money is a necessity for survival and let it be at that. Don’t make it a purpose or the most important part of existence.

Invest in people, experiences, goodness…not stalking those coloured papers.

Be happy with what you have. Be content. Don’t be jealous of other’s wealth nor be proud of yours. Don’t judge someone by the wheel he drives or the jewellery she wears. Value character. Value education. Value intelligence.

Money is a means not the master.

If you have more than what you need, then there’s no harm in sharing with those who are not as lucky as you. Consume only what you require, rest leave it for the others. And how much is actually too much, is something only you can decide. Or else, human needs are unlimited. They can never be satiated.

No matter how much you earn, always be humble and respect human values. For if money makes you a sinful person, then life shall play the leveller game.

It’s always good to be rich and financially secure. Everyone one should work towards achieving it. There’s no harm in it.  But don’t let ego, pride and felony come in. Be altruistic, charitable and generous. You will live a more fulfilling, long, healthy and happy life.

-Siddhartha Laik

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