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Effective Ways to DEAL with DISAPPOINTMENT

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The Bhagavad Gita advises us to tolerate both happiness and distress. Why? For both make our life beautiful. Disappointment or distress is what makes one remember that everything in this world is transient. It helps us value life better, makes us humble and furthermore, trains us to love the loved ones.

If you are a human, you are bound to be disappointed. For it stems directly out of expectations. We expect something, and when we don’t get it, we feel agitated. When your boss yells at you in office, your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats on you, when the car you intend to buy goes out of stock, you lose your wallet, you run to catch a train but it zoops past, your child scores less marks in school, you don’t get that much needed promotion at work etc etc, then you are disappointed.

Disappointment comes in the garb of many a situation. It is inevitable but yes, one can recognise the feeling and certainly shrug it off the system.

Dictionary says disappointment to be “sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfilment of one’s hopes or expectations”.

I, in my personal life, have faced many disappointments. And friend, it’s not a good feeling at all. But all those knock downs helped me to be who I am today- a much more content, balanced and a confident person. But the best part is that I have become more humane. I don’t judge people anymore, for we all are fighting our own little battles.

And I respect all of you for that. But remember, if you are disappointed, then don’t be bogged down, for nothing is permanent, this too shall pass and sunshine shall embrace you again.

So let’s see how you can deal with disappointment in an effective way.

First, STOP Whining

You must have heard of the saying, “what you focus on… grows”? The same principle applies to complaints and whines. The more you whine about your problems, loses and lows, the more they will grow. Therefore, the first step to dealing with disappointment is to stop whining. Be brave, be bold and face challenges with your chest all pumped up. You decide your fate, not the other way around.

Accept Yourself, Your Disappointments

Face the reality, do not run away from the fact that you have failed in life. You have not achieved what you deserved and the fact that you are disappointed at this moment. Once you start acknowledging your present, you can motivate yourself to get to breathe a fresh lease of life. Looking the other way won’t change the scenario. Take absolute responsibility. You hit a bad patch, now deal with it and shine again. For you are destined to be happy and healthy.

Share Your Feelings With Someone You Trust

Be it a friend, a peer, your parents or your cousin, there must be someone who knows you heart to heart. After all we all are humans- the emotional beings. So let yourself out (may be you might be shedding a few drops of tears, and that’s absolutely okay) to feel light and relieved.  Go on, try it.

Minimize Expectations

 Expectation is truly the mother of all miseries. Life is short, so take a chill pill. Be content with what you have while working on to achieve what you want. Don’t be too hard on yourself and also on others. Cut down expectations from others as well. If at all you expect something, be as realistic as possible. Stop over expecting and your life will be more blissful.

The Diary Method

In the earlier point I mentioned about sharing your feelings with someone you love. But at times people may be uncomfortable about it, hence another better way is to just sit back, relax, take a pen and paper and start jotting down your feelings.  Let it roll, write down what you think, what you feel and trust me, soon the heaviness within will vanish. Answers to difficult questions will be found and the battle against disappointment will be won.

The Karma

Now, I don’t intend to be mean here or blame someone for being disappointed. But yes, one should introspect and think if one’s bad Karma led to a difficult situation. Did you do some harm? Did you hurt someone unknowingly or knowingly? Life is such that bad breeds bad and good breeds good. So fix it if you rubbed the wrong way. Apologise to those hurt and also to the universe. Let go off negative energies and embrace peace. Try meditation as a technique to find for answers which are hidden deep in your subconscious.

The Best is Yet To Come

The fact that you are disappointed is a sign that you have not given up, that you are trying to win. Being disappointed is just a phase. Remember, it shall soon pass off and you shall bask in glory, success and happiness. Every disappointment is your appointment with God. He tests you, your beliefs, your actions. Hold on there for the best is yet to come.

These are few ways via which I deal with disappointment. But I am sure you too have other tips to share. Hit the comment box below and help build a positive community.

Protect nature, respect women and never never wear that SMILE off your face. Connect with me at Siddhartha.laik@gmail.com.


by admin

Leadership…throw the word in the air and it conjures up many images. One can think of a political leader, a freedom fighter, the captain of a team, a movie director, or a boss in an office, or simply a mother taking care of a household.

When talking about leadership…how can it be defined? Or how do you spot a leader in a crowd of millions?

Well, personally I have led teams and being a leader is not an easy task at all. Of course it’s not easy, or else you wouldn’t be called a leader. A leader holds a beacon of hope guiding others to cross the tunnel successfully.

Leadership is a quality, which is innate. One is born with it. But not everyone having the quality becomes a great leader.

First, one has to look deep within to realise one’s leadership quality and then work towards honing it.

Over time we will talk about leadership, qualities of good leaders and also discuss on ways of leading, but before that I would like to share one thing with all you wonderful people.

Remember, leadership begins with you.  Certainly, you want your team or your admirers to follow you. You want them to work hard, be good, not procrastinate, follow rules, be fit, be positive, curb anger, be compassionate etc etc. But you have to first lead yourself, be an example, before you would actually be able to lead others.

So, can you lead yourself?

Look into the mirror. Ask yourself. Are you the one who is fit to lead? Do you have all the qualities? If not, start working on yourself for smart leaders are constantly working on themselves, evolving, adding new skill sets.

Remember, leaders are chosen they can’t be appointed. In other cases, they are mere nominal heads doing regular work. A true leader inspires life. A true leader leaves a trail for others to follow. Overall, a true leader is a great human being.

Cheers to that!!!

-Siddhartha Laik

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