4 Ways Laziness Robs Years Out Of Your Life

by admin

If there is a tomorrow, I would want to work then
So I will have something to do
If there is no tomorrow, why bother at all
For I will not be there too…

Such an inspiring thought it is! But my friends, do not the lines wrong. Work is not the biggest enemy of inertia, though some find it immensely painful to move from the place they are seated in. And they are the lazy clan of people. Well, we all love to this beautiful feeling of being lazy, but then there’s a limit to this lethargy.  The more you stay inactive and immobile the more you are cutting down the precious years from your lives.

Laziness can affect you in the following ways:

Creativity gets rusted

People believe that creativity is the fruit of relentless brainwork. And the opposite happens when you are lazy…You will sense a strong pull away from getting that creative mode on. Your innate qualities get rusted. Yes, people who do nothing lead a dull life.

Thus, it is not at all good to be lazy and dull.

Destructs your motivation

There is a set of people who want to do and achieve things. Just to live upto the saying “Do it now, sometimes ‘later’ becomes ‘never’”. And when they achieve things, they add glory to their lives. But by being immensely lazy, you will lack that self motivation. The inertia in you will pull you away from any great achievements.

Your ambition remains a distant dream

When you are active, you love achieving things and keep adding feathers to your caps. You love going higher and higher till you touch your goal. On the contrary, if you are lazy, no matter how ambitious you are, laziness would simply yawn at the achievements. You would gradually find things simply boring to work and achieve…All you would be doing is to just sitting around thinking and doing nothing.

Wake up!

Physical Stagnation

Physical activities simply mean laboriously moving your body around to remain fit. Physically active people are more agile and faster in achieving things. This also leads to positive brain development.

Your body would still breathe if you do not move but eventually your brain and heart will slow down. Did you know that life threatening diseases like diabetes, obesity and heart attacks happen mostly to people who are sloth and never exercise? Yes, doctors say that.

They say that, “Laziness fuels more laziness and activity fuels more activity.” So what would you choose? You want to live long and healthy or perish early?

So do not allow yourself to get rusted by doing nothing at all. Instead, add quality years to your beautiful life by being fit and active. Get going!

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Sandhya Parameshwaran

Author – SuccessYeti