6 Ways To Have A Fit, Strong And Attractive Body

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How many times have you wished you could be like “him” or like “her”? Let’s accept it, we all admire somebody or other and keep wishing for that perfect body. So how do you define a perfect body? Are good looks enough? No.

Fitness experts strongly believe that perfection is an amalgamation of fitness, flexibility, and strength, which get manifested in your external looks, thereby multiplying your attractiveness by several times. And folks, it’s not easy…If you want to have it, you got to make it!

Here are 6 ways to have a fit, strong and an attractive body.

Begin with internal purification

Internal purification begins with refining your eating habits. What you eat gets exhibited in your physical appearance. To be fit and healthy, you need to indulge in a balanced diet and give up on fad and unhealthy food. You may take help from a nutritionist to get a customized diet chart.

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Discipline yourself

Fitness is a ritual and for that you need to discipline yourself. You got to have that will power to take care of your body. Be it the fittest celeb of Bollywood, i.e. Akshay Kumar or the sexy and curvaceous Scarlett Johansson, everyone believes in discipline. Once you have started something, you have to continue it without fail in order to get the much desired results. There’s no place for laziness!

Indulge in functional activities

We are talking about being fit, flexible and strong; so how is that possible? Well, doing one type of workout is not enough! You should mix your gym training or yoga with a varied range of functional activities that would strengthen your bones and muscles holistically.

Incorporate Pilates, rope and resistance band workouts, dumbbells and barbell workouts to make your muscles strong and robust.

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Enjoy outdoor exercises

By outdoor exercises, we precisely intend cardio workout, which have an immense impact on our health. Cardiovascular activities improve your blood circulation, help you to burn extra fat and boost your energy levels. Be it badminton, cycling, swimming, running, power walking or football, it’s strongly suggested to take up one outdoor sport and practise it regularly.

Outdoor exercises keep you lean, agile and above all youthful.

Cultivate positive energy

Remember attaining the fittest, strongest and the most attractive body ever is not an overnight affair. It would take months and years for the wonderful thing to happen, depending upon your effort and dedication. Thus, you cannot afford to lose hope in order to achieve what you deserve. Be positive and patient, maintain disciple and make sure your focus is intact throughout.

Have ample sleep

Sleep is the healer. Sleep can overcome any form of stress and exhaustion. No matter what, you must sleep deeply for at least 7 hours at night. And most importantly, get sufficient rest post workout. Your body is not a machine; you need to pamper it with ample sleep so that it functions smoothly forever…

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Begin from today, push yourself as much. Once you taste the fruit of your hard work, you will be addicted to it! Swear to fitness to have a strong and attractive body. Good luck!