7 Ways Spending Time With Nature Can Revitalize Your Body

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“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.” – William Wordsworth

Beautifully written lines by Wordsworth. i

In today’s hectic life, people often forget to take care of their biggest asset, their health. They’re busy competing with others in the rat race instead of abating the pressure by competing with and bettering themselves. What they don’t realize is that life is very short and by taking too much of stress and tension, and eating junk on top of that to pacify themselves, they are making it even shorter.

Well, why not take a walk in the park to relieve that stress? The songs of the birds will simply enchant you! Why not stare outside the window and inhale some fresh air while sipping some green tea when you’re depressed, instead of binging on a criminally cheesy pizza and chatting away on the phone or watching the idiot box for long hours? Just connect with nature and feel the amazingly wonderful spell it casts on you. You will be a totally different person in no time. Don’t believe me? Well, here are 7 different ways how spending time with nature can revitalize your body, refresh your mind and refine your soul.

Meditate at the beach and feel the difference   

tropical meditation

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Do your Pranayam, Yoga and Meditation, all on a mat by the sea and see! Once you close your eyes, the heavenly sound of the waves does the rest. That way, you neither feel drowsy nor bored. All you feel is that divine connection with the Almighty.

Studying the Gurukul Way to improve your concentration

Now, studying can get boring when indoors. But once you study under the trees amidst the greenery like the students in the golden olden era, research says that you can focus and absorb much better. No doubt, those students used to fare extremely well in their exams in spite of getting limited opportunities. However, make sure that the garden where you study, is a silent and peaceful one. If you don’t want to study that way, no problem. If you have a lawn, sit on a chair outside and read. The biggest of biggest writers have made it big by writing amidst Mother Nature. To name a few Wordsworth, Ruskin Bond, and Tagore found their muse in Nature

Feel ecstatic by dancing in the rain 


Come on, the Rain Gods aren’t your enemies. Getting wet in the rain for some time will not harm you, provided you change your wet clothes immediately. It’s like taking a natural shower. In fact, this will benefit you by not only making you feel happy, but also cleansing your soul. You automatically start feeling free of all your negative thoughts and actions. Wow! Lovely, isn’t it?

Take in the early morning oxygen to cleanse your system

Make it a point to go for a walk or a jog early in the morning. Just get out of your abode. They say that exercise secretes endorphin and makes you feel good, but what’s more, studies suggest that the endorphin secretion enhances and leaves you on a high when you jog or simply walk amidst the greenery of nature. Also, the oxygen exhaled from the trees is inhaled by us which does a world of good to our health.

Spending maximum time with nature, especially early in the morning, relaxes you completely, helps clear the excretory system properly and relieves the liver of all the toxins. Needless to say, your entire day goes good.

Treat yourself to the sunshine to get ample vitamin D

The sunrays help your body to synthesize Vitamin D and you need it in adequate amount for immunity and bone strength. Thus, whenever you have time, bask in the early morning sunlight at least for 5-10 minutes; Surf the beach just when the sun rises. It’s amazingly beneficial. But avoid afternoon sun.

Lose weight with more outdoor activities


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Once you get attached to nature, you simply don’t want to stay indoors. You get outside, run, skip, walk, play any sport and that way, your physical activity gets enhanced and consequently, you bid a healthy goodbye to obesity. For instance, even when you’re constantly bending down to pick up flowers, you’re moving and keeping yourself active which is very important.

Soothe with your senses with the magical power of Nature

Looking out of the window at the greenery outside or the birds flying, or simply gazing up at the sky keeps your mind engaged by making it wander, and also makes you feel great. Such is the power of Mother Nature! Also, things like staring at the sky as mentioned before, smelling the flowers and listening to the bees buzzing and the birds singing, and letting the wind brush across your face and play with your hair, etc., awaken and rejuvenate all your five senses. Spending more of your time with nature also shoves away all your stress and depression. Hence, God in the form of Mother Nature heals both physical and mental disorders. Doctors always prescribe spending time outdoors amidst nature.

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Mother Nature spreads magic, heals, and is always there for us. Hence, we must also have a sense of responsibility towards her and take care of her nicely by doing stuff like watering the plants which are an integral part of nature. Coming to the point, the beauty, serenity, and the magic and power of Mother Nature are incomparable. Like me, everyone should love and connect with nature as she improves our health and thus, enhances our well being. Nature is not apart, it is a part of us!


Shinjini Banerjee  

Author – SuccessYeti