7 Ways To Wake Up Feeling Super Happy And Energetic

by admin

Some feel that the mornings are just not for them! Why? The reasons could be many, either they were over exhausted the previous night or went to sleep very late or are just too lazy to get up in the morning, thereby feeling grumpy and frenzied the whole morning! They take up pace gradually as the day passes…

So why do you need to be happy and energetic in the morning? The answer is simple, morning is the beginning of a day and if you cultivate these two positive energies right from the start then not only your mood is stabilized but you also experience a heightened level of physical energy, which is further essential for increasing your confidence and productivity.

Here we go…Follow these hacks to wake up all happy and energetic in the morning.

Flip your mood, change your thoughts

Remember it’s all in the mind. “Oh! I am not a morning person” is a mere thought that you generate in your mind. So end that thought today! Feel happy about the new day that is waiting for you. For a better insight read this article – tips and tricks to wake up early in the morning

Listen to soothing songs

Turn on some soulful music in the morning. You can also listen to affirmations, prayers, and spiritual songs to refresh your mind as soon as you wake up.

Make peace with yourself after waking up

A peaceful mind is the abode of happiness, positive thoughts and good health and spirit. So charge up your inner energies with a prayer of gratitude, meditate for a while and express your love for your family.

Stop seeing negative news in  TV

Rarely would you find any news these days that would make you feel happy. So avoid media in any form in the morning. The world is suffering enough and you don’t need to feel sad right after waking up from bed. So stop doing this.  

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Enjoy a refreshing ritual

Find out a reason to feel happy in the morning, could be enjoying a cup of tea while reading a book in the balcony, doing a bit of gardening, taking your pet for a walk, etc. would  transform the grumpy you to a happy and energetic you.

Pump your energy levels

Drink two glasses of water right after waking up. This water therapy would detox your body and refresh your mind. Take up a sport activity that you love or get into an exercise regimen in the morning hours to fuel your body. Outdoor sports like swimming, football, badminton or any indoor games or gym are just the ideal energy boosters.

Cook a tasty breakfast and enjoy it!

Bored of eating cereals everyday? Well, get up 15 minutes early to cook up a scrumptious breakfast or some days just go out for a brunch. Treat yourself at the dining table and be happy!

Get enough sleep the previous night

One of the most obvious reasons behind feeling frazzled and irritated in the morning is insufficient sleep. Thus, you have to ensure that you are getting at least 7 hours of sound sleep.

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So, incorporate these changes in your morning routine and feel the difference.