Daily Exercises That Improve Your Flexibility

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I just miss my childhood. Well, no I do not miss my studies exactly. That was not what I intended! I miss the reckless running around, jumping on the beds, hopping up and down the stairs, climbing the trees and dancing around to whichever tune catches my fancy. Hell! I actually miss it. It is not until you have reached the stage of aching bones and cramped up joints that you realize that mindless running around was so good for you.

“Life is a movement, stay alive. Flexibility exercises that develop your full range of movement will help you on the slopes as well as in your daily life” – Adrian Crook

  1. Warm up and Stretching

Warm up exercises get the blood circulating gently in your body. It increases the heart rate and prepares you to handle the exercises. It is a good way to start up the engine on your cold muscles.  Stretching your muscles group increases the blood flow to the muscles. When you stretch, it lengthens your muscle fibers or tendons. The flexible muscles, in turn help your overall flexibility. Practice with caution and be aware of your body.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which not only provides body flexibility but rejuvenates the body and soul. One has to practice it to really experience the benefits. It not only strengthens the body muscles but also increases the capacity of oxygen inhaled through the lungs, thereby bringing an overall well being to your skin and body.

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape “– Michael McGriffy, M.D

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  1. Target specific areas

Flexible muscles provides and elasticity in your body. As one starts to age, we notice discomfort in our backs, neck, knee and ankle joints. We find it hard to climb the stairs, take that short sprint to the bus. These are vital hints which our body throws us, signs that we need to take care of our body. Out of the 206 bones in an adult human body, more than half are in the hands and feet. It is therefore vital that they are strong and flexible. Similarly our backbone, which we so frequently ignore, is an important part of our body. The backbone is a like a tube, through which run the nerve cells of our body, which are responsible for relaying messages from the brain to the rest of our body. Be aware of your body, because through awareness lies action.

  1. Walking

Walk is not just any four letter word. It is the basic philosophy on which life rests. Life is void without movement and walk is the most basic form of movement. It warms up all the muscle and joints of our body, stretches your hamstrings and increases blood circulation to all our body parts. A morning jog is equally fulfilling to your body. Movement is the core of life, do not abstain from it. Walk for life.

  1. Dance

Exercise need not be about sweating it out in the gymnasium. Each person has their own comfort level. Any form of exercise which refreshes your body and makes you flexible is great for your body. Most of us are assigned to desk jobs, which make it even more difficult to shake a leg! So what are you waiting, exercise isn’t boring after all! There are so many dance forms all around the world. Dance your way to fitness.

  1. Sports

Each one of us has pursued a sport in their childhood days. We no longer find the time and inclination to catch on those days. Train your mind to start. Your muscles will follow you to the finishing line. All the sports be it cycling, swimming, tennis, martial arts; each and every one of them makes your body flexible in the long run.

“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo survives by bending with the wind “– Bruce Lee


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