Drink 3 Litres Of Water Daily To Experience These 7 Wonders

by admin

img source: www.wisegeek.com

We all know that drinking sufficient water has tremendous health benefits. But how much water should you drink daily? Well, doctors say, ideally not less than 3 litres, if you truly want to experience the wonders. And believe me, you would…

Research has shown that people who drank ample water daily are less prone to falling sick. In fact, they stay fit and agile till the old age. So let’s check out the wonders of drinking 3 litres of water daily.

Activates your organs

The first thing you must do after waking up from bed is – drink 2 glasses of water. It would help all your vital organs to function properly. Your entire system gets detoxified with this simple morning ritual.

Boosts your metabolism

Unable to lose weight despite sweating out and eating a balanced diet? Check out your water intake. If it’s less, it means your metabolism is not happening the right way. So count the litres! You would burn the calories faster.

Keeps you energetic

When your body receives ample water throughout the day, your metabolism is optimized. As a result, your energy level increases. You feel active, hydrated and stay rejuvenated throughout the day.

In fact, if you are into intensive sports and workout regimen then you have to drink more than 3 litres to make up for the sweat and prevent dehydration.

Gives relief from constipation

One of the most evident benefits of drinking 3 litres of water daily is – smooth bowel movements. You don’t have to strain. So make a conscious effort right from today to get over constipation.

No gallstones or kidney stones

One of the reasons why people suffer from gallstones, kidney stones, metabolic problems, high uric acid, is that they barely consume water…They become aware after the symptoms show up. So, take precaution, because it’s always better than cure.

Regulates your appetite

Water is essential for proper digestion. Gas, acidity, reduced appetite, bloating, etc. often result from insufficient water intake. Once your digestion is normal, your appetite would also be regularized. And to achieve good health, you know what to do…

Your skin stays supple and glowing

And lastly coming to your looks! Yes, drink 3 litres daily and see the difference. Your skin will stay tight, supple and radiant till old age. Your youth would be retained…

That’s why water is the elixir of life.