How To Practice Mindful Eating

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Greed is worse than hunger when it comes to eating. The one reason why we human beings fall short of good health is because of what we consume and digest within. Love for food and greed are absolutely two different aspects, and the latter is the worst enemy of your eating habits. It dissuades you from your diet goals and increases your desire to devour more and more…These negative consequences necessitate you to eat mindfully.

Elaborately speaking, mindful eating is similar to practising mindfulness in your daily actions. It involves consuming food consciously, governed by the following attributes:

How much you are eating

This is the trickiest part. Determining how much you actually need is first step to mindful eating. If you are confused on whether you are eating the right portion then consult a nutritionist. Or else follow this thumb rule: Leave your table before you start feeling overly full.

Secondly, eat slowly; do not rush while eating and stuff your system in one go. So instead of consuming 2-3 heavy meals; snack in healthy food more frequently.

What you are eating

This is the stage where you need to control your greed, precisely the cravings for unhealthy food items like pastries, sweet drinks, fast food items, etc. The fact is, they are immensely tempting to our eyes and when you cannot control your greed for those food items, you end up consuming them on daily basis. No one else but it’s you who is welcoming illnesses to reside in your beautiful body.

Easier said than done, cultivating healthy eating habits is not an overnight affair, it’s a ritual and a habit. Begin by realizing the benefits of natural foods like fruits, green vegetables, nuts, etc. and the harmful effects of bad food. The more you eat the latter varieties, the worse you are doing to your health. The outcome would be evident later if not immediately.

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Why you are eating

What is the purpose of the diet you are following? Our goals for eating food vary; no matter what your purpose is – avoid eating voraciously to satiate your greed, rather eat to quench your hunger. When you make right choices on food, not only do you meet your fitness goals but you are also building a stronger and healthier version of yourself.

So focus on the purpose and outcome. Make right choices for yourself to balance your system and live long and above all healthily.