Stopped Exercising? This Is What Can Happen To You…

by admin

Not everyone is fond of exercising, but somehow they have made up their mind to move their body at least thrice a week for the sake of their health! That’s a commendable effort and do not think of discontinuing it. The reason being, if you stop exercising all of a sudden then you are deliberately imposing some major risks on your health.

You may not experience the impact immediately but eventually for sure. This is what happens to you when you take a permanent break from workout.

Fatigue would overpower you

Exercise boosts your energy levels. And when you are no longer in that regimen, your body loses power and strength to function. As a result you feel tired and exhausted even under slightest of pressure.

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Pains and aches become a daily thing

Any form of exercise is tremendously beneficial for improving the flexibility of your body. Your joints, muscles and bones are mobilized. And the opposite happens when you stop moving your body. Sooner or later you will experience different forms of pains of which backache, muscle stiffness, leg pain are the most common.

Your blood pressure might spike up

Stopped exercising? Well then, probably you are risking your health the most by increasing the chance of heart attack in the future. Your blood pressure can rise up due disturbance in blood circulation. Thus, you need to think seriously! Before it’s too late get back to your schedule.

You gain weight randomly

Quite obvious! Your clothes would once again not fit because now you would gain weight faster than before as you have stopped burning the calories out of the blue. Your choice whether you want to stay slim or be the fat one! I would never prefer the second.

Your confidence subsides

Didn’t you feel a surge in your confidence level when you used to gym or went for those kickboxing sessions or performed those yoga moves with perfection? You are bound to experience a drop in self confidence and self esteem once you stop working out because your body image would degrade.

Your mood swings too often

Exercise has an impact on our mood hormones, especially the endorphins. The more you stagnate your body; the more you would get irritated with little things for no good reason.

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That youth is lost! You age fast

A study by the University of St. Andrews reports a lack of exercise exacerbates the visible signs of aging, making people’s faces look older and fatter (source: Do I need to explain more? I am sure you have come across many such people who look older than their age and the reason is either they have never exercised or they have stopped it long back.

You lose sex drive

The more your move your body the better is your blood circulation, which is turn gives you that much needed impulse and mood to have sex. On the contrary, inactive systems are more vulnerable to experience low sex drive and the side effect is more common among men.

So, you know the answer, isn’t it? Do not break your schedule completely.  If you get bored, then take short breaks, skip a day or two and restart again. You must continue exercising to restore your health, fitness, youth and vitality.